Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Ipsy Bag

I have been interested in getting my hands on an Ipsy bag subscription for a long while, and after months on the waiting list, I finally got my first bag! The September Classic Beauty Bag!
For just under $11 a month, you get fun samples of new and known brands and a cute bag to go along with it. What's not to like?
Bags vary from member to member based on a survey you take, but here is what I got!
Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple (Regular $19 a pot): This is a cool product because it comes with a built in lip brush. To me, this isn't moisturizing or what I would call a balm in anyway. It Is full pigment and a great red, but the name is misleading. I like it for what it does do though. It is also rather matte. Cailyn is a brand that is 100% natural, mineral based, and hypoallergenic. Cool!
NYX Single Eye Shadow in Hollywood (Regular $4.50): This is a full sized silver/white sparkly eye shadow. Not the best I've tried from NYX, though. It is fall-out central and goes on patchy. Would make a good over-coat for another eye look. NYX is cruelty-free.
Elizabeth Mott "It's So B!G" Volumizing Mascara (Regular size $19.99, this is a smaller travel size): This is a decent mascara with an hourglass brush. Doesn't clump, but doesn't do much else to add drama. If you aren't familiar with this company---its the people who brought you those cute, but rather useless, Lash Cards.
Victoria Jackson Taupe Eyebrow Pencil (Regular price $14.95): This is full size and a really nice product. The pencil is pretty universal, creamy, and easy to apply with a twist up applicator. It does need to be set with brow gel though. Victoria Jackson is a Hollywood makeup artist and does a lot for charity.
Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian (Regular price $12): This is your basic black eyeliner pencil. Not too hard, not overly creamy, and not overly black. Decent, but I wouldn't hold my breath for this one. The brand is cruelty-free, though.
Total Real Value: $60.35
How Much I Value It At: $30.
So...even though some of the products aren't the greatest, I still got more than my money's worth! Let's see some swatches.
From left to right: Lip Balm Tint, Brow Pencil, Eyeliner, and Eye shadow.
Here is a look of me wearing the brow pencil, the eye liner, the mascara, and the shadow.
Here is the Cailyn lip tint.
And here is a full face with all the products in the kit.
What do you think? Are you an Ipsy fan? Or will you pass on this beauty subscription?
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  1. That lip colour looks drop dead gorgeous on you! What a great value sub service!

  2. Ooh that lip tint alone makes this bag worth it!

  3. The lip color is gorgeous, but yeah the name is misleading. In your pics, it looks matte. I don't invest in subscription boxes bc I am more particular about the stuff I would like to try out, but the pro side is that you get to try out all these different unheard of brands.


    1. Yeah, they are sometimes a hit or miss for me, but I just get so excited about mail! haha

  4. I love getting my ipsy bag in the mail! That lip balm color looks nice on you! I tried it on and I agree it wasn't moisturizing at all!

    1. Yeah ipsy is fun! Thanks...yeah, sad it isn't really a balm.

    2. Yeah I know- I was hoping it was more of a balm because I don't normally wear red lips. I was hoping it would be more wearable for me!

  5. That red is gorgeous on you! I like Cailyn and wish it was here.

    1. Thank you! Yeah I am starting to love Cailyn as a brand :)

  6. I was about to say, that lip "tint" is pretty pigmented! It's a great color on you, though!

  7. The lip tint looks great on you! I have to check it out for myself now!


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