Saturday, September 7, 2013

Liebster Award!

Hey everyone! When Neeners Makeup nominated me for the Liebster Award, I couldn't have been more thrilled! It is a great way to get to know people in this lovely community and I am excited to bring you this post. Thank you again Nicole!
"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about yourselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people and find some blogs that they want to follow."
Here are my 11 random facts!
1. I am deathly afraid of squirrels. I am talking mortified of them!
2. I am currently in grad school at Sotheby's (the art auction house) in L.A. So exciting!
3. I have a huge crush on Gary Oldman, if you haven't noticed.
4. In undergrad, I was a Sigma Kappa. Dove Love!
5. Growing up I had a Shar Pei named Ewok (yes, from Star Wars!)
6. I love yoga and am really getting into the philosophy behind it.
7. I am a crazy good Country Line dancer. My little known talent.
8. I get really shy easily and get exceedingly nervous public speaking.
9. I write creative fiction as a hobby.
10. I am obsessed with gastropubs (and food in general)
11. I've met Lance Bass :)
Phew...still with me? Now let's move onto the questions I was given by Nicole!
1. Favorite nail polish?
Chanel Dragon
2. Do you prefer your hair curly or straight?
I wish mine was curly...but it only stands stick both?
3. Favorite perfume?
Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber
4. Favorite high end product?
Chanel Nail polish :) 
5. Favorite drug store product?
 NYX lip liners
6. Favorite time of year?
7. Who inspires you?
 My mother, Audrey Hepburn, and Cher Horowitz
8. Favorite tv show/movie?
 Pretty Little Liars/Castle/ (I can't pick one people...) Ferris Beuller's Day Off...Star Wars...okay I need to stop now
9. What purse are you currently using?
My new Michael Kors Hamilton bag. I am obsessed.
10. Best memory from 2013 so far?
Getting into grad school...round two!
11. Silver or gold jewelry?
Now...the girls I nominate:
Avneesh & Karen
Here are your questions!
1. If you could only wear one nail polish shade for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. Do you prefer new beauty, or cult favorites?
3. Smoky eye or bold lip?
4. Glitter on your tips, toes, or both?
5. Celeb crush?
6. Favorite song?
7. One clothing item you can't live without?
8. To contour or not to contour?
9. Favorite indie brand (polish OR makeup)
10. Favorite mascara?
11. Favorite sweet treat?
Ashley was kind enough to nominate me as well, so I am going to answer her questions. She has an amazing blog, so go check it out! It is a question bonanza over here!
1. Favorite all time makeup product?
Jack Black lip balm. I go through them like water.
2. Favorite hair products?
Argan Oil and Bumble & Bumble Tonic Spray
3. Favorite food?
Anything southern. Preferably fried chicken.
4. Favorite fashion accessories to wear?
I love fun rings!
5. Favorite animal?
Can anyone guess this one? Panda!
6. Favorite vacation spot?
7. Favorite place to shop?
8. Must have items in your purse?
My Nook, lip balm, and 4,000 pens
9. Favorite book or magazine to read?
Book: Harry Potter series, Magazine: Marie Claire
10. Favorite way to relax?
Alone time by the pool
11. Favorite skin care products?
Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizer
Go forth ladies and enjoy! Thanks again to Nicole and I can't wait to read the answers of the people I tagged. *Quick summary of rules: tag me back, write 11 of your own random facts, answer my 11 questions, tag as many bloggers as you want, and ask them 11 questions*
Peace, Love, & Pandas
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  1. I just did this too! Feel free to check out my blog sometime.

    1. I know I saw your blog through Nicole! I love it :)

    2. Thanks! Your blog is great too! You have a new follower!

  2. Loved learning more about you. My hair is curly/wavy but I'd love it to be straight. Wanna trade?

    1. Yes, please can we trade? And thanks, it was kinda nerve-wracking to share it all, but I am glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. Congrats on getting nominated, it was fun to read your answers.

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me. I will share the link w/ you once I put up the post. I also want to do a collaborative post w/ you SOON but you know how grad school life is... as soon as I get some down time... we can do something fun & creative for Fall - your fave?!?! Btw what are you studying? And I love PLL and Castle too! I can't wait for all the shows to start back up!!! :)

    1. Anytime, love you blog to bits and pieces! I TOTALLY know how grad school is and I would love to do a collab post soon...and definitely something to do with fall :)). I'm studying Art Business so it half MBA half MA and I hope to be able to run my own gallery. what about you? Ah...can you believe the Ezra thing? I'm so upset! And yes, I adore Castle, I hope Kate says yes! (sorry for gushing, I just love my show haha)

    2. I am in Law School (a.k.a. boot camp), but it is my final year so the light at the end of the tunnel is soon approaching. I cannot believe it - Ezra? No! How? Ugh! I always got this vibe that it has to be the most innocent one like Dan on Gossip Girl. I hope it is not Ezra though. It would hurt. Haha.

  5. I nominated you for the award also! haha :)

    1. Aww thanks Ashley, I was going to nominate you too but I saw Nicole already beat me to it the first round :) I adore your blog!

    2. haha aw thanks for answering my questions! And thanks for adding me to your nom list :) I will add your questions onto my post as well!

    3. I love it! I love that you love Johnny and Jason <3

  6. Loved reading your answers! It's nice to know a little more about you guys!

  7. Thank you for nominating me Margo, I enjoyed reading your answers and I've nominated you as well haha :)
    Love your blog.
    Abi xx


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