Wednesday, July 8, 2015

L'Oreal Le Matte Lip Colour Stick in She's So Matte: Swatches and Review

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Loreal She's So Matte Le Matte swatch
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my vacation pictures on my Instagram, but I am back. And I picked up a ton of makeup goodies there, which I will be showing you as I get through testing.
The L'Oreal Me Matte Lip Colour sticks have piqued my interest because I am all about the matte finish (as is seemingly everyone else), but I am still on the lookout for a comfortable matte. Colourpop comes close, as does Nars, but my lips are very very sensitive to dryness even with proper moisture and prep. Still, I am a sucker and picked up the Le Matte color in She's So Matte ($9.99), which is a muted, very slightly brown-toned pink.
Loreal She's So Matte Le Matte swatch
 The stick is a very thin, twist up, domed lip crayon, which makes application a breeze. There is no tugging or pulling upon application. 

It does emphasize lip lines, as do most mattes. It wore very well for about 4 hours through talking and food/drinks. It was mildly uncomfortable after the first hour, but not so much that I wanted to claw my lips off. It played well with Chapstick brand balm as well as Jack Black balm. Neither took away the color, but the matteness will dissapear with any balm application.

Loreal She's So Matte Le Matte swatch

What I do absolutly love about this product is that it stains! I had the most gorgeous stain still on my lips the morning after I wore it, and it continued to hold strong for a few hours more. This product does not claim to stain, but it was a nice surprise!
Overall, I probably won't be picking up another color of these because I don't see another that I HAVE to have, but as far as mattes go, this is wearable and the stain makes this a great lip to wear for going out. It fades evenly and color sticks around.
Have you tried these? Thoughts?

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