Sunday, June 8, 2014

Jason Wu for Lancome Pre-Fall 2014 Blush Subtil in Pressed Rose: Review and Swatches

I can't believe it is only June and there is such a thing as 'Pre-Fall', but for me, right now, that only means joy as I have my hands on an amazing item from Jason Wu's second collaboration with Lancôme.
Jason Wu for Lancome 2014 Blush Subtil
Can we just talk about how I have the most awesome Mom? She picked this up for me at Nordstrom (they were still in the shipping boxes when she spotted them) so they were brand brand new. A purchase of a blush or eye shadow palette gets you a limited edition floral print bag as well, so hop on that!

Jason Wu for Lancome Pre Fall 2014 Blush Subtil in Pressed Rose

She picked up the other color (Sheer Macaroon Pink) and mine is Pressed Rose, which is the pinker of the two and retails for $30 for a powder blush and cream highlighter. There is a plastic insert that keeps the blush and cream separate between uses. 

This collection is supposed to be inspired by romanticism and dark glamour, and I can see that in the pretty pinks of the collection, the slightly gothic-victorian flower print adorning the packaging and the deep jewel tones of the eye shadow palette. This is the Blush Subtil formula which is silky smooth and oil free.

Jason Wu for Lancome Pre Fall 2014 Blush Subtil in Pressed Rose blush swatch

Here is an up close shot of the blush. I find that this doesn't swatch well with a finger as you will see in the following pictures, but it is easy to overdo it with a brush because it is so silky and powdery, so be careful. It builds to a pretty luminous finish and lasts about 8 hours on my skin.

Jason Wu for Lancome Pre Fall 2014 Blush Subtil in Pressed Rose cream highlight swatch

The highlighter looks shimmery, but translates into more of a glow on the cheeks. It has a nice slip to it and is easy to apply, but wears well. On my slightly oily skin it sticks around for about 6-7 hours, but I only like to apply a small amount. You can easily build this for a more glowy effect.

Jason Wu for Lancome Pre Fall 2014 Blush subtil swatches

The pink is a bit dusty, which I like, and the highlighter runs pinkish as well. They are very easy to blend, but you can still make them very subtle (hence the name, Blush Subtil). I am not one for trying to look like I am wearing blush, so this is perfect for me. 

My momma is really knocking it out of the park lately (thanks Momma!).

Overall, the packaging is simply stunning...the bag as a gift with purchase is to die for, and the colors are wearable and soft. I am definitely picking up the lipstick in Hibiscus when I get back into a Nordstrom (she got the Rose Royce (love that name!!) lipstick and it is gorgeous as well). 

Anyone else loving this new Jason Wu for Lancôme collection? I will be doing a look with this duo soon!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I need this in my life! Great review margo! I'm def going to be checking these out! I love how the highlighter comes with the blush!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Isn't it just stunning!? It is a great product for travel as well!

  2. SO pretty. You know, I don't have a Lancome blush! This might just be my first!

    1. Ohh!! I would check out the Macaroon color for you, I think it would look amazing on you. I will post swatches if my momma lets hers out of her sight for a moment haha ;)

  3. This blush is beautiful! The highlight makes a great addition! Great post!

  4. Love the palette! The color looks great on you!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Belle! I've been wearing this blush every day!

  6. I too was caught by the unique packaging and had to own the blush in macaroon and the duo is lovely.
    Only when I went to use it at home, I was so disappointed there was NO BRUSH! Really? Sure won't be taking this out with me sans brush to apply with. Hope it really does last long...rather cheap to not include especially since I always have high opinion of Lancome line...


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