Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My November Ipsy Bag

Hey everyone!

There are a ton of "what's in my Ipsy bag posts" going around...so I won't bore you with the details...just what I got!

Kiss eyelashes (double back $6.99)
Starlooks eyeliner in Amethyst ($14)
Em by Michelle Phan eyeliner in Turquoise (what? two eyeliners?) ($20)
Be a Bombshell lip crayon in Shameless ($14)
Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched (mini size $10)
Nailtini Nail Polish in Caviar Cocktail ($13)

Grand total: $77.99...and yes, everything is full size except when stated)


Although I wasn't totally amazed with every product, I do recommend Ipsy because you get all of the above for $10! Best beauty bag around!

Now...let's get to swatches...

I have never tried be a...bombshell before, so I was happy to get this in my bag. The shade is Shameless, which is a pinky/berry, although it looks like a dark red rust in the crayon. 

Very pretty, but goes on a little dry on the lips. I feel I need balm or gloss with this, but I do like the grown-up shimmer.

I think Ipsy did a good job matching this color to my skin tone...I wonder if those corny quizzes they make you take really do work?!

This is a twist up-balm crayon style but has the texture of a lipstick.

The next thing I got was a Pixi bronzer in a dusty bronze/pink color. I like Pixi, but find it is a little too expensive for me when labelled as drug-store beauty, so I was jazzed to get this in my bag.

The pigment is kinda lacking, but it does give a nice sheen...which is good I guess, considering it is winter and no one should be bronze...kinda makes you wonder why they put this in a November bag, eh?

The two eyeliners were actually a better surprise than I initially thought. I am kinda over them putting Starlooks in the bags, but this time...I spoke too soon and once I swatched, I loved! I also liked the em. by Michelle Phan eyeliner. I was curious about the quality of her products, and the eyeliner lasted a long time!

I created a look with both of them (Starlooks Amethyst on upper lid and em. Turquoise on lower lash line). The Amethyst is very glittery and got into my eyelashes a bit, but the color is unique and unlike other things I have. I think Turquoise runs a little greener than its namesake, but still pretty.

Overall, November was a pretty good month to be an Ipsy member. Did you love your bag?

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  1. The bombshell lip crayon looks nice on you!! Also the turquoise liner you got is really pretty!

    1. Thanks! Yeah I really like the liner!

  2. That lip color is gorgeous on you, I like when subscription boxes have those profiles or quizzes so you never get something that completely goes to waste!

    1. Exactly, I haven't gotten anything from Ipsy so far that is a waste, so I am happy!

  3. I didn't expect that amethyst to be so bright! oO pretty!


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