Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Weirdest Nail Combo to Date

This rather...interesting...nail color combo came about because I was swatching a polish that I thought would be lovely and it just wasn't. And then I tried to fix it with a top coat...and, you will soon see the results.

Enter the swatching polish in question: Julep "Otte" which came in my "It Girl" maven box this month. It is a color from the Trina Turk Fall 2012 collection, and it looks like a very pretty nude in the bottle. Julep polishes retail for $14, but the monthly subscription is $20 and I received 3 polishes this month.

Looks tame enough right? But not all nudes are created equal.
But upon applying, I was kind of grossed out. This is just a weird color. And it doesn't play well with my pale skin. It was nicely opaque in one coat though, and dried fast!
Really not my cup of tea. As you can tell by the messy polish job I did. Not into it.
See how I attempted to fix this mess after the jump!

I have been looking for a polish to try this over for a while. So I thought, hey--it can't get any worse!
This is Wet n' Wild's "Craze" crackle top-coat in "It's Not You, It's Me". Love that name!
Still weird, but I think it may be an improvement! It crackles well as a product and it doesn't get goopy (O.P.I shatter I am looking at you...)
What should I call this bizarre combo? Any ideas?
Final Thoughts: I like Julep polishes, for the most part (except that wonky orange one in my preview box) and they last well. But pass on this color. As for the top-coat: review is as follows.
Price: 10/10 (only $2.99!)
Staying Power: 8/10
Packaging: 9/10
Color/Wearability: 10/10
Quality/Branding: 9/10
Total: 46/50 = A- = Happy Panda!
Love the crackle coat. A good red one is hard to find. But the nude makes my stomach turn. Do you agree?
xoxo PrettyPanda

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  1. hahahha it looks very Halloween-esque~! I love Julep's formula, but you're right, something about that nude clashes slightly with your skintone. I like that you kept on trucking though :) Make it work hahaha


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